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Q. Which crowd control barrier do I need?
A. You have many models and combinations to choose from. The categories to choose are: length (4', 6' or 8'), height (43", 45", 48" or 72"), hooking mechanism (F2, F45, or French), and lastly foot style(bridge/round, flat, roller, or flat with rubber stoppers).  Please see the next 4 questions for individual answers.
Q. What length barricade should I get?
A. Eight-foot barricades (actual 8' 7" long) are the best priced per linear foot.  However, sometimes it's good to also order a few 4' and 6' barricades for the end of a linear run to meet an exact measurement.  For example, to block a 20' driveway you could use 2 eight-foot barricades and 1 four-foot barricade to equal the 20 linear feet needed.  Also, the eight-foot barricades set up faster.  For example, to set up a 500 foot long run would take 60 of the 8' barricades or 79 of the 6' barricades.  Almost 33% more handling and set up time.  
Q. What height barricade should I get?
A. The 43" high barricade is our standard and most popular model.  It is always available for immediate delivery/shipment!  Special higher security barriers are available such as the F-48 (48 inches high) and the F-72 (72 inches high).  They are more expensive due to the added material and labor.  Also the 72" or 6" high barricades are often made only 4' or 6' long for easier transporting, instead of the 8' length.  
Q. What hooking mechanism should I get?
A. We recommend our standard F-2 hooking mechanism.  The crowd contorl barricades will interlock/connect only at one angle (40 degree) and can not be unhooked while in a straight line.  This keeps crowds from easily unhooking and walking past. You may choose to use a different hooking mechanism to differentiate your barricades from another barricade user or government agency in the same vicinity.  If you have an existing inventory of other barriers to match, please call 1-800-394-9294 for more information on hook specification.
Q. Which foot style should I use?
Flat-feet are the least obtrusive and rarely get damaged due to their heavy-duty construction.  When used for funneling crowds (parallel crowd control) they are usually the best.  Also you may want to paint feet yellow to reduce chance of tripping in this circumstance. (most popular)
Round/bridge feet are better at handling uneven or soft/grass surfaces.  But are damaged more easily by vehicles driving too close.  Not recommended for parallel crowd control or use on interior floors that are easily damaged.
Flat-feet with rubber stoppers can help to keep the barricades from damaging interior floors.  Also the rubber stoppers keep the barricades from sliding or being pushed by a crowd as easily.
Roller feet, the most expensive feet, are used for when the barricades must be moved often without much physical labor.  One end is lifted (like a wheelbarrow) then the barricade is rolled on the end with the wheeled foot.
Q. What forms of payment does Friedrichs Custom Mfg. accept?
A. We accept checks, money-orders, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also accept government(federal, state and local) purchase orders(NET30). We can also set up an account for NET30 terms with credit application, credit references and purchase order or contract. Setting up an account for personal or private business may take a few days.  
Q. How long does it take get an order?
A. Most orders can ship the same day as ordered. Delivery to most points in the continental U.S. takes between 1 and 5 days. Please call for exact shipping information to your delivery point. Most of our crowd control barriers are in-stock and ready to ship.
Q. How will the steel barricades be shipped?
A. All orders are shipped via LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) carriers unless otherwise noted.  LTL carrier's standard deliveries included shipping to commercial buildings with loading docks.   LTL freight carriers consider all of the following locations: airports, camps, construction sites, country clubs, estates, farms, ranches, military bases, mine sites, mini storage warehouses, nuclear power plants, schools, trade shows, universities, and jails, LIMITED ACCESS LOCATIONS, which an additional charge of $50-70 may apply to your freight depending on the carrier.  The barricades ship set up and ready to use.  If there is any damage upon delivery, please note it on the delivery ticket and call immediately for instructions on how to proceed.
Q. Can I track my order or request delivery notifications?
A. Our standard commercial freight carriers all have tracking systems in place. Just request your tracking # to be emailed, faxed or phoned to you after the order ships. You can also check your status here: if you have your invoice or order#. A delivery notification or appointment can be requested, however most freight carriers charge a minimum of $25.00 for this added service.
Q. What color are the crowd control barriers available in?
A. The standard finish is hot-dipped galvanized.  This finish can vary greatly, but generally looks similar to a metal fence post finish.  Some batches are a shiny bluish-silver almost chrome looking and others are a very dull grey mottled finish.  The darker grey actually indicates a thicker coat of zinc.  The painted barricades in many of the pictures are used for photographic purposes as they show up better. We do not guarantee the color of the galvanizing will match from order to order or even within a single order barricades may vary. Powder-painting is available as an additional option.  There is a minimum of 20 pieces for painting.  We can paint over the galvanizing which gives you an attractive appearance and the rust protection of galvanizing.  
Q. Why use steel crowd control barriers instead of other products like wooden saw horse barricades?
A. Police deparments around the country have been using Friedrichs barricades for decades. Some of the most experienced police departments such as the New York Police Department and New Orleans Police Department who both handle crowds of millions of people annually during their parade seasons use our steel crowd control barricades. NYPD experimented with wooden saw horse barriers and decided it was more cost effective to use our steel crowd control barriers. See 2003 New York Times article.
Q. What is a "heavy duty" barricade?
A. Our heavy duty barricades weigh 50 to 98 pounds.  Our most popular model, the F2-B-FF barricade, weighs 58 lbs.  Recently, with rising steel, zinc and other input costs, the import models have used "shrinkflation" methods to keep pricing around the $100 per barricade mark. The same "shrinkflation" that has made your cereal boxes look the same size, but only contain half the net weight has hit the barricade market.  Cheap import products weigh 24-44 lbs and cost about the same when compared dollars per pound of barricade. However, these lightweight barricades bend easily and need to be replaced often, causing a higher total cost of ownership. Don't be fooled by cheap throw away barricades. Buy American made quality that lasts!

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